Night Lase (sleep apnea and snoring laser treatment)

Night Lase treatment involve the application of the Fotona laser to gently tighten the tissue located at the back of the throat, which can effectively reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea and alleviate snoring. Typically, snoring becomes more pronounced as a person ages due to the weakening of the oral mucosa tissues. This non-invasive therapy does not require any wearable devices or medication to achieve its desired results. Instead, the Fotona system works by stimulating the production of collagen in the palate, which helps to firm up the tissues and decrease any vibrations or obstructions that contribute to snoring. By optimizing laser pulses using the Er:YAG wavelength, NightLase treatments are able to safely penetrate the oral cavity while still delivering enough energy to produce the desired effects. The primary goal of NightLase is to improve patient confidence and increase the quality of their rest.

Night Lase Treatment

When a patient is deemed to be a suitable candidate for NightLase treatment, the laser is directed towards the tissues surrounding the airway, which results in a tightening effect. Typically, a NightLase session takes approximately 15 minutes and is entirely painless. Depending on the degree of tissue looseness or inflammation, three separate sessions will be needed over a six-week period. Typically, the outcomes of NightLase will last for up to a year, after which additional sessions will be necessary. NightLase treatments are comfortable and are regarded as one of the most effective ways to restore a peaceful night’s sleep

Night Lase Recovery

Patients can resume their daily activities immediately following their NightLase session since the treatment does not involve any incisions or the use of anesthesia.