Here at Jeunesse Tiburon, we provide a variety of proven anti-aging modalities. Some work with your body’s natural regenerative capacity and some work against the signs of aging. Injectables are an example of the latter. We are proud to offer a wide variety of FDA approved options for our patients. We offer a wide range of injectable wrinkle-reducers (neurotoxin) and plumpers. These include: – Botox – Dysport

Other types of injectables include dermal fillers. These products are utilized to address volume loss and other manifestations of the aging process. We offer a variety of product lines and products to address to our patients’ unique needs:

  • – Juvederm
  • – Restylane
  • – Belotero
  • – Radiesse
  • – Sculptra
  • – RHA Collection

Benefits of injectables

Our patients seek injectable treatments as means of addressing signs of aging without undergoing major surgical procedures. Injectables can effectively reduce wrinkles, lift the brows and cheeks, plump the lips, and minimize the appearance of jowls, among other benefits. Notably, injectables offer immediate results without any downtime. Rather than being a drawback, the temporary nature of injectable treatments is generally regarded as a benefit. Knowing that the results are not permanent can make the decision to proceed with treatment more manageable. Additionally, temporary results provide an opportunity to preview the potential outcomes of surgery, should that be consideration for the future.

I am a candidate for injectables?

If you are a healthy adult with clear understanding of the results you wish to achieve, you may be an excellent candidate for injectable treatment. When you meet with your provider for a consultation, it is crucial to be transparent about any medications or supplements you are taking. Based on this information, your provider may recommend that you discontinue the use of specific medications to prevent potential side effects, such as excessive swelling or bruising.

How many treatments will I need?

Most injectable treatments can deliver satisfactory outcomes with just one round of injections. However, Sculptra and Kybella are exceptions to this rule. These injectables do not produce immediate results and operate in distinct ways that frequently necessitate two to three sessions to obtain optimal results

How long Do Injectable Results Last?

The duration of your injectable treatment results will be determined by the type of product used. For example, neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport provide outcomes that last between three to six months. Typically, patients require touch-ups every four months on average. Dermal fillers generally last between one to two years, depending on the consistency of the product and the rate at which the body breaks down the particles that enhance skin plumpness. Unlike other dermal fillers, Sculptra involves multiple treatment sessions and can provide results that last two to five years. Kybella is the only injectable treatment that targets unwanted fat cells and permanently destroys them. During your consultation, be sure to ask your provider about the anticipated outcomes of your selected product for your cosmetic objectives