Fotona Laser Hair Restoration

Fotona’s HairRestart is a viable treatment for hair loss problems, offering an innovative approach to stimulating hair follicles that have become inactive, leading to new hair growth.
Using the Fotona SMOOTH mode, practitioners can deliver energy to the scalp with exceptional control, making the procedure more comfortable for patients. This enables practitioners to apply precise temporal and spatial temperature profiles to the scalp, which enhances tissues regeneration and new hair follicle development safely and effectively.

Treatment process

The patented technology behind Fotona SMOOTH involves the use of gentle laser pulses to stimulate the scalp in a safe and controlled manner. This is possible by operating at the optimal infrared Er:YAG laser wavelength of 2.94 um, which coincides with the skin’s maximum absorption. Unlike other methods, Fotona SMOOTH is designed to act non-ablatively, delivering mild thermal pulses to the tissue without causing any significant damage to the epidermis. By gently heating the skin and triggering the production of growth factors, Fotona SMOOTH provides an efficient and safe method of promoting hair growth